Ana Meen Hona 2

Ana Meen Hona 2

"Ana Meen Hona 2", 2014, part of installation work, sculptures of a sparrow bird
when the head has been replaced with a female human face.

The sparrow is a familiar sight around villages and gardens around the world,
since it can flourish in populated areas. The sparrows are like the displaced peoples
of the world, living in all the wretched corners of the earth, bearing along their
dreams and aspirations.

It is not only a symbol of Palestinian dreams and national aspirations, but also of
their terrors that are weaved into the international interests that they continually
fall prey to. It is the space they inhabit between reality and fantasy, between
existence and memory. It is the hope to soar outside the borders, and the dream of
owning and taking control of these borders.

The sculptures are made in 2 versions of materials bronze or special plastic.

Date: November 2014

Category: Installation

Place: The Arab culture association

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